Already during my childhood I liked to eat spicy. At some point, however, I noticed that certain dishes require a little more than plain hot chilies. I missed something that doesn’t convince by its mere spiciness and suppresses the actual taste of the food. I wanted something that would make a meal special by its own taste. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that most chili sauces, like Sambal Oelek or Tabasco sauces, were far away from fulfilling this wish. These were usually not hot enough or too vinegary and therefore inedible. Since I’m not willing to compromise when it comes to food, I started to create my own chili sauces, which solve all these problems.

My husband shares my passion for spicy food and was immediately thrilled by the taste of my sauce. His many years of experience in marketing also came in handy. He quickly gave it a name and created its image.

This was the birth of Red Honey and the DACHAPU Manufactory.

Through our knowledge, our know-how and our experience, we harmonize excellently. We learn from each other and grow together. We complement each other in our strengths and thus form an invincible team.

Our Red Honey Chili Sauce has always been more than just a Chili Sauce for us. It stands for the perfect combination of multicultural flavors and for a sophisticated interplay of spiciness and enjoyment. Whether with fish, meat, pan dishes, pasta, burgers, for drying…the possibilities are endless, because good taste knows no limits. 

We truly hope to inspire people worldwide with our Red Honey Chili Sauce:


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